The expected results are:

  • Development of pilot plant automation system and monitoring the correct functioning of process flow;
  • Increase the productivity hourly rate (minimum 0,225 tons/h), rubber devulcanization and steel purity level (> 55% and 98%
    respectively), and the robustness of the pilot plant;
  • Technical characterization of the products GRP, GRG and GRS including a series of analyzes for the determination of the main of the main parameters:
  • Very high Natural Rubber content: both the powders and granules have a high content of natural rubber as they are obtained only
    by Giant OTR tyres that present a higher Natural Rubber Content that any other tyres;

  • High degree of devulcanization: resulting only from the kinetic power transmission of the high-pressure water jet and its ability to
    reduce the polymer cross-linking degree, and partially restoring the polymer unsaturation;

  • No Thermal Degradation: using only water, the disintegration of the tyre is made always at low temperature, so the rubber is not
    “stressed” at any stage of the process and therefore the chemical-physical characteristics of the rubber are never changed (as is has
    been confirmed by certifications issued by the European Excellence Institute named CERISE);

  • Lower Material cost: the resulting powders and granules have a much higher technological and commercial value that the
    traditional, not de-vulcanized powder obtained from mechanical traditional shredding technology and that is suitable only for small tyres;

  • Added value: they are chemical Active products, not just a filler: the rubber powder and granules present a convex-concave surface
    morphology allowing a very high surface-to-weight ratio that their chemical activity, when compared to those obtained with
    traditional mechanical or cryogenic process.

  • No fire risk: the HPWJ use only “water” without go never in high temperature, so any fire risk can happen.

  • Realization of different promotion materials related to the project: web site, video, Layman’s report in 3 language, around 6.000
    brochures, life notice board;
  • Interaction, meeting and workshop with industries;