Innovate Recycling of Giant ELT through Water Jet


PROJECT TITLE: Innovative Recycling of Giant ELT OTR through Water Jet

DURATION: September, 1st 2020 to February, 28th 2023

TOTAL AMOUNT: 3,740,292 Euro

EU CONTRIBUTION: 2,057,158 Euro

The project aims to fully validate a novel total chemical-free InReGEO tyre disruption pilot plant based on HPWJ Tecnology, enabling at the same time both the recycling of Giant OTR tyres and the direct production of valuable secondary raw materials with unique Level of Purity, already 55%-70% devulcanized (Giant Rubber Powder – GRP- and Granules – GRG) and extremely rich in NR content, ready to be reintroduced, for the first time without any further process, into the tyre manufacturing process. Also, harmonical steel (GRS) with a very high degree of purity (>98%) is recovered by the process and can be re-used in the market.