1011, 2023

Project LIFE InReGEO Wraps Up a Successful Stint at ECOMONDO

10 Novembre 2023|

We are thrilled with the connections made and collaborations forged during our time at ECOMONDO 2023. It is an event dedicated to sustainable and circular economy solutions, has drawn to a close, marking the culmination of an impactful journey for the Project LIFE InReGEO team. The outcomes achieved during [...]

711, 2023


7 Novembre 2023|

It is with pleasure that we announce the opening of a tender for the supply of a high pressure electric motor pump requested for the LIFE19ENV/IT/000313 – InReGEO project plant. For those interested, please read the attached documents and contact us for any further information. Email: Closing date [...]

2410, 2023

Project LIFE InReGEO Spearheads Sustainable Mining Efforts at the Re-think Circular Economy Forum in Taranto,ITALY

24 Ottobre 2023|

Taranto, Italy - Project LIFE InReGEO was honored to be a prominent participant at the "Re-think Circular Economy Forum" organized by EniJoule. The event, held at the Relais Histò in Taranto on Thursday, October 19, served as a significant platform for the project to showcase [...]

2609, 2023

LIFE InReGeo Showcases Innovation at PERUMIN36 Mining Convention in Arequipa,PERU

26 Settembre 2023|

Arequipa, Peru - The recent unveiling of the colossal mining chamber at the PERUMIN36 Mining Convention in Arequipa stands as a testament to the groundbreaking work of the LIFE InReGeo project, marking a significant leap forward in sustainable mining practices. Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to [...]

2509, 2023

LIFE InReGEO Unveils Groundbreaking Mining Giant Chamber in Lima,PERU

25 Settembre 2023|

We are excited to announce the successful unveiling of the Mining Giant Chamber, a remarkable feat accomplished by our esteemed consortium of partners, including RubberJet, Piave, and ETRA. The implementation of this cutting-edge technology marks a significant milestone for our ambitious sustainability initiative, the LIFE [...]

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