RubberJet Valley is a chemical specialty company specialized in the production of engineered raw materials (Polymers) called RubberJet Powder (RJP ™) and RubberJet Granules (RJG ™) capable of replacing virgin raw materials (e.g. Natural Rubber) in a wide range of applications including the tire compounds.

RubberJet Valley was born from the goal of its founder Tommaso Verri who together with his partners who are passionate about the innovation and sustainability have decided to establish a leading innovative company in the field of recycling medium and large End of Life Tires (“E.L.T.”) through the use of a 100%-environmentally friendly proprietary technology called High Pressure Water Jet™ in order to create a real circular economy model for the industry of truck tires and OTR (off-the-road) or Mining Giant Tires, which today are difficult to treat using traditional mechanical shredding technologies.

The RubberJet Valley team studied in depth the characteristics and the potential of the Powder and Granules produced through the High Pressure Water JetTM Technology. A laboratory located in Bresso (province of Milan) has been established where conducting a series of rigorous tests allowed the company to optimize the parameters of the technology and to meet the highest quality standards.

The Company’s Head-Quarters are located at the PoliHub, the “Innovation Technology District” of Politecnico di Milano, a prestigious worldwide recognized university in which excellent engineers are incubated and supported in their global industrial and commercial growth.

The Partners have 35+ years of experience as supplier of filters, filter dryers, paddle dryers and pan dryers in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries and RubberJet Valley applied this experience and know-how with regard the chemical-pharmaceutical field to the recycling of OTR tires at the End of Life installing an innovative production industrial scale plant based on a 100% environmental-friendly High Pressure Water Jet™ Technology.


The European Tyre Recycling Association is the only European organization devoted exclusively to tyre and rubber recycling. Founded in 1994,
currently the ETRA has around 250 members in 46 countries. ETRA membership reflects both the public and private sectors involved in the
environmentally safe disposition of postconsumer tyres. Policy and decision makers as well as those charged with organizing and connecting the
links in the chain are represented. With focus on both material and energy recovery, ETRA members include collectors, retreaders, manufacturers
of recycling equipment, research bodies, developers, users of new technologies as well as users of the materials in an expanding number of
products and applications.
The Mission of the associations is to formalize Tyre Recycling as an Independent, multi-sectoral Industry involved in a long chain of activities that
protect the environmental and enhance the quality of life through the creation a new business and jobs.
Etra is recognized by the European Commission as the organization representing tyre recycling in the EU and participated in the EU Recycling
Forum as well as Parliamentary discussion regarding the revised Framework Directive, as well as the preparation of the UNEP Basel Convention
“Guideline for the Identification and management of used tryres”. ETRA and its members sponsored the CEN Workshop Agreement on Tyre
Recycling and materials use, as well as the recent CEN Technical specification on tyre recycling. Concerning Standards ETRA is now on three
committees of ASTM international. ETRA initiated the CEN CWA on recycled tyre materials in 1999. In 2013 ETRA joined forces with ANTEL, the
Italian organization of municipal engineers to provide training sessions and organized a series of events. In 2018 ETRA became Partners Members
of EuRIC (European Recycling Industry Confederation) and Members of ESTC (European Synthetic Turf Council).


Piave Tyres is an Italian company, founded by the family that still manages it. Piave Tyres has started the activity in 1960. At early ’90, the company started specialising in “hot cue” retreading of OTR tyres.
The company has become one of the European retreading company leaders. In over 60 years since it has been launched the company handles its activities with passion and competence to guarantee highly competitive prices, reliability and professionalism. Piave Tyres today offers its great experience to the customers, operates in a wide geographical area due to its logistical capabilities and the network of regional agents, proposing different and innovative solutions for different needs and costs. Piave Tyres is specialised in retreading OTR Tyres, selling its product all over Europe.
Piave Tyres engages every day to slow down the flow of disposal OTR and Mining OTR End of Life Tires (ELTs), that have a significant environmental impact. The company always follows solid principles, using passion and skills serving customers and the environment.