For the first time in the world, InReGEO project provides a definitive solution to the environmental risk their EoL, either abandoned, landfilled or stockpiled.
The objective is to build and fully validate an innovative pilot plant that breacks-down Giant EoL OTR tyres through a totally chemical free and green process tha uses only high pressure water jet in aclosed circuit system, enabling the production of valuable secondary raw materials:

  • Already partially devulcanized an pure rubber powders and granules extremely rich in Natural Rubber content, ready to be reintroduced, for the first time
    without any further process, into the tyre manufacturing process;
  • Harmonic Steel with a very high degree of purity in compliance with steelworks quality requirements.
  • A real Circular Economy model in the tyre industry, closing the loop of manufacturing value and supply chains by providing a substitute of the natural rubber for new tyre compound creation through sustainable recycling.