In November we were invited to participate to participate at the presentation conference of the Blackcycle project which was held in the conference room at Michelin’s HQ in Ladoux.

It is a European project consisting of 13 partners that will develop specific solutions to produce sustainable raw materials for tires: ELT collection and raw material selection, pyrolysis optimization, petroleum refining and exploitation, furnace process optimization and evaluation sustainable tire. The goal is to create, develop and optimize a complete value chain from ELT raw materials to Secondary Raw Materials (SRM), without wasting resources in any part of the supply chain and with specific attention to environmental impact. These secondary raw materials will be used to develop new ranges of car and truck tires, which will be sold in European and global markets.

RubberJet was invited to the workshop together with about thirty actors involved in tire recycling from all over Europe. It was really exciting to be able to participate in this great event regarding a revolutionary project for the recycling of end-of-life tires, the main goal of our company that tries to make it happen day after day.

We remind you that RubberJet is also carrying out a revolutionary project in particular for the recycling of large tires! If you are curious, don’t hesitate to look at the link below the European LIFE Project