The “Innovative Recycling of Giant ELT OTR through Water Jet” is a project co-funded by the European Union Life program focused on the Environmental and Resource Efficiency.


The project is just started (1st September 2020) and is expected to be fully completed by 28th February 2023.


The goal of the project is to provides a definitive solution to the environmental risk caused by the tire’s End of Life abandoned, landfilled or stored.

The final objective is to build and fully validate an innovative pilot plant that breaks-down Giant End of Life OTR types through a totally chemical free and green process that uses only High Pressure Water Jet in a closed-circuit system, enabling the production of valuable secondary raw materials.

To achieve this goal, the project involves 3 highly qualified and specialized partner: Rubberjet Valley srl, ETRA and Piave srl.

Once the project has been completed, this will be aimed at arousing the interest of companies operating in the tire sector towards a different, innovative and certainly greener approach during all stage of the tire’s life.